Bavarian Adventures Monopoly Go Milestone Reward & Task list

The Bavarian Adventures event is back once again in Monopoly Go. Look no further! In this article, we’re about to unravel the complete list of rewards and the task points list. Let’s jump right into this thrilling adventure!

Bavarian Adventures Event Rewards & Task List

Corner events are a gamer’s delight, known for their budget-friendly compare to other tiles events.

Note: Points and rewards may vary based on your Networth level.

Now, let’s delve into the treasure trove of rewards and tasks that the Bavarian Adventures event in Monopoly Go has to offer:

Tast No.Points NeedBavarian
21010 Dice
410Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
55560 Dice
72010 Min
Rent Frenzy
820Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
10150180 Dice
1335Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
15300375 Dice
1850Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
20600775 Dice
21555 Min
Cash Boost
2260Pick Pack Pink Sticker Pack
2510001.2K Dice
267015 Min
High Roller
27100Gold Yellow
Pack Gold Yellow Sticker Pack
29125100 Dice
32250175 Dice
33300Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
3516001.7K Dice
3640020 Min
Cash Grab
39800Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
4030003K Dice
42900Purple Pack Purple Sticker Pack
43950700 Dice
4510001.5K Dice
471400Golden BLue
Pack Gold Blue Sticker Pack
496000Gold Blue Sticker Pack Golden BLue
Pack & 7K Dice
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Total Points and Rewards Summary

  • Total Task Points: 29100
  • Total Dice Reward: 16,775
  • Green Sticker Pack: x3
  • Yellow Sticker Pack: x2
  • Pink Sticker Pack: x1
  • Blue Sticker Pack: x2
  • Purple Sticker Pack: x1
  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack: x2

Bavarian Adventures Event Schedule

The Bavarian Adventures event in Monopoly Go is a celestial extravaganza that unfolds over three action-packed days, commencing on September 30th and concluding on October 3rd, 2023.

Get ready to embark on a cosmic voyage and strive to reach your final gaming milestone before the clock runs out on your space adventure.

How to Accumulate Points in The Bavarian Adventures Event?

How to Accumulate Points in The Bavarian Adventures Event?

Earning points in the Bavarian Adventures event is a strategic endeavor that revolves around landing on the four corner tiles.

These corner tiles hold the key to accumulating points that will propel you closer to your lunar destination.

Each time you land on one of these coveted corners, you’ll receive an impressive 4x points for each dice roll, as illustrated in the accompanying image.

To ensure a successful lunar landing without depleting your dice supply, it’s essential to plan your dice usage wisely.

Best of luck as you embark on this cosmic journey!

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FAQs: Your Queries, Our Answers

Q. What Is The Date Of The Bavarian Adventures Event?

A: The Bavarian Adventures Event is slated to run for three days, kickstarting on September 30th and concluding on October 3rd, 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks Are There in the Bavarian Adventures Event?

A: The Bavarian Adventures Event boasts an impressive lineup of 51 unique tasks, each offering its own set of rewards.

Q. What is Final Reward in Bavarian Adventures Event?

A: Golden Blue sticker pack and an astounding 7000 Dice.

In Conclusion

Prepare to embark on a gaming journey like no other with the Bavarian Adventures event in Monopoly Go.

This space-themed adventure promises not only thrilling challenges but also a galaxy of rewards waiting to be claimed. Keep your dice rolling and your strategy sharp as you ascend to the moon, and remember, the cosmic horizon is yours to conquer. May the gaming cosmos be ever in your favor!

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