Bavarian Adventures Monopoly Go Rewards and Task List

Monopoly Go enthusiasts, rejoice! The exciting Bavarian Adventures event is now live, starting from September 25, 2023.

In this article, we will delve into the details of this captivating event, including essential milestones and enticing rewards, ensuring that you stay ahead in the game.

Unveiling Bavarian Adventures Event Rewards and Task list

When it comes to the challenging triple tiles, keep in mind that focusing only on Community Chest/Chance cards won’t yield significant benefits. To come out ahead, your best bet is to aim for RR (or a combination of Chance and rail). Otherwise, you risk substantial losses.

NOTE: Points required and rewards might differ based on your level, but you’ll get a general sense of your progress.

Tast No.Points NeedBavarian Adventures
Event Rewards
125Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
24020 Dice
650Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
76010 Min Rent Frenzy
8350160 Dice
1090Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
12800400 Dice
14175Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
16750400 Dice
18200Pink Pack Pink Sticker Pack
2020001K Dice
2135010 Min High Roller
22275Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
23400130 Dice
25500150 Dice
26600Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
2840001.6K Dice
299005 Min Cash Boost
Task No.Points NeedBavarian Adventures
Event Rewards
311500Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
3380003.2K Dice
353000Purple Pack Purple Sticker Pack
3635001K Dice
38400030 Min Rent Frenzy
394500Gold Blue Pack Gold Blue Sticker Pack
41160006.5K Dice &
Gold Blue Pack
Gold Blue Sticker Pack
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Total Reward and Points

  • Total Points Need – 71525
  • Total Dice Reward – 14615
  • Green Pack – 3
  • Yellow Pack – 2
  • Pink Pack – 1
  • Blue Pack – 2
  • Purple Pack – 1
  • Golden Blue Pack – 2

Monopoly Go Bavarian Adventures Event Timeline

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience that spans nearly two days, commencing on September 25th and concluding on September 27th. Brace for noteworthy changes in the reward structure, including the introduction of a brand-new Sticker Pack.

The limited duration of this event underscores its exclusivity and the urgency of your participation. Seize this electrifying opportunity and take swift action to secure your spot in the Bavarian Adventures Event.

The countdown to these four eventful days has officially begun. The window to embark on this captivating journey is closing rapidly, so ensure you’re not left behind.

How to Complete Bavarian Adventures Event Strategically

Bavarian Adventures event monopoly go points

Efficiency is key in conquering the Bavarian Adventures Event. Every move counts, and here’s how you can maximize your progress:

  1. Chance – Landing on Chance tiles will earn you +2 points.
  2. Community Chest – These tiles are worth +3 points each.
  3. Railroad – The coveted Railroad tiles will boost your score by +5 points.

Strategically navigate the game by targeting specific tiles, as illustrated in the image above. Each tile comes with its unique set of points.

Prioritize Railroad tiles to maximize your point accumulation. Additionally, when you find yourself 6, 7, or 8 tiles away from your favorite destination, your chances of landing there are highest.


Q. What Is The Date Of The Bavarian Adventures Event?

A. The Bavarian Adventures Event spans three days, from Sept. 25th and concluding on Sept. 27th, 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks In Bavarian Adventures Event?

A. The Bavarian Adventures Event comprises an impressive array of 41 unique tasks.

Q. What Is The Bavarian Adventures Event Final Rewards?

A. Golden Blue Sticker Pack, along with 6500 Dice.

Wrapping Up the Bavarian Adventures Event

The Monopoly Go Bavarian Adventures event promises excitement, rewards, and an adrenaline rush for players. With a limited timeframe, it’s imperative to plan your moves strategically to secure your spot on the leaderboards. Good luck in your quest to conquer Bavarian Adventures, and may the dice roll in your favor!

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