Blessed Feast Event Monopoly Go Milestone Rewards and Task List

Are you prepared for the latest event? The Blessed Feast Event has arrived in Monopoly Go. In this article, we’ll delve into all the rewards, the task list for this event, and reveal a secret strategy to maximize your gains with minimal dice expenditure. Let’s dive into this thrilling financial adventure!

Blessed Feast Event Milestone Rewards and Task List

Please note that rewards and points might differ based on your level, but this will provide a general overview of your progress.

Task No.Points NeededBlessed Feast
Event Rewards
21010 Dice
310Green Sticker
480125 Dice
620Green Sticker
8150220 Dice
103015m Rent Frenzy
1135Green Sticker
13425550 + 50 Dice
1445Yellow Sticker Pack
17800900 Dice
1970Pink Sticker
211K1.1K Dice
2210010m High Roller
23120Gold Yellow Sticker Pack
24130130 Dice
26150140 Dice
28200Blue Sticker
292255m Cash Boost
302.2K2K Dice
32400Blue Sticker
344.5K4K Dice +
Purple Sticker Pack
35600Purple Sticker
3670025m Rent Frenzy
37800500 Dice
383.5KMoney + 700 Dice
39900800 Dice
401KGold Blue Sticker
426.5KGold Blue Sticker
Pack & 6.5K Dice

Blessed Feast Event Schedule

The Blessed Feast Event extends over four exciting days, commencing on Nov 17th and concluding on Nov 19th. No need to rush; you have two days ahead of you.

How to Accumulate Points in the Blessed Feast Event

This event utilizes the Pickup Tile mechanism, offering a fantastic opportunity, particularly when combined with Free Parking. This synergy unlocks numerous advantageous tiles for you to explore.

Blessed Feast Event Monopoly Go point tiles

To accrue points in the Blessed Feast event, your objective should be to strategically land on the pickup tiles scattered across the game board. These tiles yield double points for each dice roll, so plan your moves astutely to maximize your rewards.


Q: When did the Blessed Feast Event commence?

A: The Blessed Feast Event kicked off on Nov 17th and runs for a two-day duration.

Q: How many tasks are there in the Blessed Feast Event?

A: The Blessed Feast Event comprises a total of 48 tasks that will put your skills to the test.

Q: What’s the grand finale reward of the Blessed Feast Event?

A: The grand finale rewards include 6,500 Dice and a 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Q: When will the Blessed Feast Event come to a close?

A: The Blessed Feast Event will conclude on Nov 19th, 2023.

Wrapping Up Blessed Feast Event

In summary, the Blessed Feast Event in the Monopoly Go universe guarantees an adventure filled with rewards and excitement. As you embark on this festive journey, remember to strategize your moves and target those high-value Feast Celebration tiles for a swift and triumphant completion. Now, go conquer the Blessed Feast Event and seize those incredible rewards!

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