Choco Partner Event Monopoly Go Complete Guide


What will be the next Partner Event?

The upcoming partner event is set to be a revamped version of the Car Show partner event, titled “Spooky Car Partners.” As the name implies, it will have a Halloween theme, and you can look forward to it taking place around the Halloween season.

Are you looking for complete guide related Choco Partner Event, like event milestone reward and other list then you are on the right place. Here we are gonna give you complete details related this event. so read complete article.

What is Choco Partner Event

The Choco Partner Event is a grand social live event that allows you to team up with your friends to construct various attractions on your game board and win fantastic prizes. This event is scheduled to commence on Wednesday, September 6th and will run for a duration of 5 days and 10 hour. It’s a Partner event, also known as a “coop event,” and it occurs once every month.

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How to Play & Complete Choco Partner Event

how to play choco partner event

During the Partner Event, you will encounter four slots on the game board. Your objective is to partner with fellow players to build attractions on these slots. To upgrade these attractions, you must spin the wheel and accumulate points to make progress. It’s important to note that both you and your partner contribute to the same progress bar.

To spin the wheel, you’ll need to collect specific Event tokens that serve as currency (e.g., macarons for the Baking Event). You can obtain these tokens by rolling the dice on the game board and participating in live events. Collaboration and strategic planning with your partner are key to success in this event.

Tips before you start rolling your dice

  • Getting the cookies in the tile is not that worth since it’s 1:1 (unless you got a ton of dice)
  • So try to get cookies (points) from event/ tournament rewards
  • You got 5 days to complete this so don’t rush things

Choco Partner Event Reward

You need to achieve five milestones, and each time you reach a milestone on the progress bar, you will receive a prize.

Milestones for completing a single cake:

1,800 Points150 Dice
6,800 PointsMoney (depend on your level)
14,200 PointsBlue Vault of 250 Dice and Money
Completion600 Dice, Money and a a Blue 4 Star Pack

Once you’ve successfully completed all four cakes, you will receive the Grand Prize. This prize includes 5,000 dice, a 5-star purple sticker pack (minimum one 5Star), and an exclusive new token called “Mr. M’s Cupcake.”

Choco partner event final/grand reward

Choosing Partner Choco Partner Event

To increase your chances of winning the grand prize in Monopoly GO!, it’s crucial to have four strong partners. Choosing the right allies is essential. In the last partner event, many players made the mistake of teaming up with inactive or underprepared partners, causing them to miss out on the grand prize. Be wise in selecting your partners to improve your odds of success.

Selecting the right partners is crucial to your success in the Choco Partner Event. Here are some tips to help you make the best choices:

  • Consider Dice Availability: Choose friends who have a reasonable supply of dice to ensure smooth progress.
  • Collaboration: Prioritize friends who are willing to collaborate effectively and contribute to the cake-building process.
  • Active Participation: Opt for friends who are active players and can consistently engage in the event.
  • Mutual Benefits: Seek out partners who can mutually benefit from the event’s rewards.

Why isn’t the Choco Partner event option appearing in my game?

If you’re unable to see the Choco Partner event option or participate in it, it likely means you’re below Board 5. To join this event, you must achieve at least Board 5 or higher. To do so, focus on upgrading your properties through the first 4 boards, and then you’ll be able to enjoy the event.


  1. How to Change Your Partners in the Choco Partners Event

    A: Once you have selected your partner, you cannot change them, so choose wisely.

  2. What happens to extra cookies in monopoly go?

    A: Remaining points will be converted into in-game currency, and you will receive money based on your net worth and board level.

  3. What is the Choco Partner Event Grand Reward?

    Final reward will be 5,000 dice, a 5-star purple sticker (at least one 5-star), and the exclusive “Mr. M’s Cupcake” token.

  4. How long will Choco Partner Event last?

    The event began on September 6th and will continue for the next 5 days and 10 hours.

  5. What level is required to participate in the Choco Partner event?

    A: To play the Choco Partner event or any other partner event, you should have reached Board 5 or above.

  6. How often do you have a Partner Event?

    A: Every Month. For more info click here.

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  1. It sucks that you can’t change partners, especially if you’ve spent money buying rolls to accumulate more cake pieces to build the cake and its all for nothing when your partners swear they’re going to participate but don’t. I think it needs to be changed to where you can change at least 1 partner if need be.

    • It can be frustrating, but unfortunately, You can’t change that.

      That’s why we have included specific guidance in our article about the importance of choosing the right partner.

    • To participate in the Choco Partner event or any other partner event, you should have reached at least Board 5 or above. I’m not talking about level.
      Thank for asking the question.


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