City Cleanup Event Monopoly Go Rewards & Task List

In the vibrant realm of Monopoly Go, a fresh event has risen – the City Cleanup Event. It’s time to get your hands dirty and let the city gleam! Let’s illuminate our city.

We’re here not only to lead you through the event but also to unveil the captivating rewards and challenges that lie in wait for your conquest.

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City Cleanup Event Rewards & Task List

Opt for pickup tiles in this event. It’s one of the best events to pair with x1/2 free parking for optimal returns and dice utilization!

NOTE: Points required and rewards might differ based on your level, but you’ll get a general sense of your progress.

Let’s take a closer look at what the City Cleanup Monopoly Go has in store for you:

Tast No.Points NeedCity Cleanup
Event Reward
255 Peg-E Chip
310Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
475125 Dice
61515 Min
Rent Frenzy
7208 Chip
103015 Peg-E
1135Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
134520 Peg-E Chip
14400550 Dice
1545Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
165010 Min
Cash Grab
176030 Peg-E Chip
198501K Dice
2075Pink Pack Pink Sticker Pack
217040 Peg-E Chip
228090 Dice
2410001.1K Dice
25100Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
2611015 Min
High Roller
2712560 Chip
28130125 Dice
30140140 Dice
3114570 Peg-E Chip
33175Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
3418001.8K Dice
3525085 Peg-E Chip
3630025 Min

Rent Frenzy
37450Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
3940003.8K Dice
40700100 Peg-E Chip
41800Purple Pack Purple Sticker Pack
42900800 Dice
441000130 Peg-E
4511005 Min
Cash Boost
461200Golden Blue Pack Gold Blue Sticker Pack
486500Golden Blue Pack Gold Blue Sticker Pack
& 7K Dice

Total Points and Reward

  • Total Points Need – 29045
  • Total Dice Reward – 16260
  • Total Peg-E Chip – 548
  • Green Pack – 2
  • Yellow Pack – 2
  • Pink Pack – 1
  • Blue Pack – 2
  • Purple Pack – 1
  • Golden Blue Pack – 2

City Cleanup Event Schedule Details

The City Cleanup Event unfolds over three action-packed days, from September 22nd to September 25th, 2023. It’s a limited-time opportunity, so prepare yourself for an unforgettable refreshment adventure and embark on a quest to reach your final milestone before time runs out.

How to Complete The City Cleanup Event?

City Cleanup Event point tiles

To amass points during the City Cleanup Event, your strategy should revolve around landing on the pickup tiles, as depicted in the image above.

These pickup tiles are strategically scattered across the game board in various refreshing locations, enhancing your chances of accumulating valuable points.

Whenever you land on one of these tiles, you’ll be rewarded with double points for each roll of the dice. Therefore, it’s imperative to employ a strategic approach when using your dice to maximize your rewards.


Q. What Is The Date Of The City Cleanup Event?

A. The City Cleanup Event spans three days, from Sept. 22nd and concluding on Sept. 25th, 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks In City Cleanup Event?

A. The City Cleanup Event comprises an impressive array of 48 unique tasks.

Q. What Is The City Cleanup Event Final Rewards?

A. Golden Blue Sticker Pack, along with 6500 Dice.


In the refreshing streets of Monopoly Go’s themed landscape, the City Cleanup Event beckons. It’s a limited-time adventure filled with rewards and challenges that will put your strategic skills to the test.

So, mark your calendar for September 22nd to September 25th, 2023, and get ready to join hands in making our city sparkle like never before!

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13 thoughts on “City Cleanup Event Monopoly Go Rewards & Task List”

  1. To simplify it… you made the game too hard and not enjoyable to play!! Ready to delete really soon!! I’m trying to hold out till the end of the sticker album but might have to do it before then to keep my sanity MONOPOLY GO do better!! You just want money but I’ll never pay a penny to play this!!

  2. I have never had such a hard time with this game than I have had since this new sticker set started!!
    1. I’m not getting gold stickers
    2. I haven’t gotten a new sticker that wasn’t a duplicate in 2 weeks
    3. The tournaments are way too hard
    4. 1 dice per hour does absolutely nothing for me!! And capped after 80?
    5. Things costing so much is almost impossible!!
    6. Getting Tokens / Shields is IMPOSSIBLE TOO!

    • Christine Pich. You are absolutely right on how this game has changed for the worst and not fun to play any more. Yes I have also spent so much money on this game and now I get nothing in return. No stickers are given but duplicates and you don’t even get many dice when you do complete a page. The last sticker game you got rewarded with lots of dice and the stickers were given out, not held to were we can’t even complete one set. Shame on you for the way this game has taken a turn for the worst and I refuse to spend any money money on this game the way it has changed. It was fun before and I loved spending money on the game now I won’t waist my time. The cupcake challenge was so hard and it took so many points just to complete a cupcake it was crazy and that is another thing you should be able to change your partner if you pick someone and they don’t help at all. It’s crazy how you are stuck with a person and then can’t change them.

  3. My choices of 3 star stickers would be
    1. Set 10/ Happy Trading
    2. Set 11/ Chinese Zodiac
    3. Set 11/ Boaring
    4. Set 13/ Happily Ever After
    5. Set 13/ Lady of the Lake
    6. Set 14/ Rock on
    7. Set 14/ Footprints
    8. Set 15/ Happiness
    9. Set 15/ Gotcha
    10. Set 15/ Adventure Time


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