Creative Accounting Event Monopoly Go Milestone Rewards and Task List V2

Are you ready for the latest event? Monopoly Go has just launched the Creative Accounting Event, offering so many reward. In this article, we will unveil all the rewards and the task list for this event, and also share a secret strategy to maximize your rewards while using the fewest dice rolls. Let’s dive into this thrilling adventure!

Creative Accounting Event Milestone Rewards and Task List

Please note that rewards and points may vary based on your level, but here’s a general overview of your progress.

Task No.Points NeededCreative Accounting Event Rewards
155 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
2510 Dice
35Green Sticker
4103 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
550125 Dice
6105 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
71510m Cash Grab
815Green Sticker
9156 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
10100225 Dice
1225Green Sticker
13258 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
15225425 Dice
163011 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
1840Yellow Sticker Pack
194513 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
20300500 Dice
2145Pink Sticker
225016 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
235010m High Roller
256001K Dice
268019 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
2760Gold Yellow
Sticker Pack
2865120 Dice
297026 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
31100Blue Sticker
32150200 Dice
342505m Cash Boost
351K1.5K Dice
36300Blue Sticker
3840030 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
39500Purple Sticker
402K3K Dice
4160020m High Roller
43700850 Dice
45750900 Dice
4680045 PickAxe (Egyptian Treasure)
47850Gold Blue
Sticker Pack
494KGold Blue Sticker
Pack & 6.5K Dice

Creative Accounting Event Schedule:

The Creative Accounting Event spans over two days, beginning on November 15th and ending on November 17th. You have two days to participate and enjoy the event.

How to score points in Creative Accounting Event

Creative Accounting Event tiles points

You can accumulate points by landing on particular tiles, categorized into two types:

  • Tax Tiles: Each roll of the dice on these tiles earns you 3 points.
  • Utility Tiles: Landing on these tiles grants you 2 points each time.

To optimize your point total, strategically utilize dice multipliers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: When did the Creative Accounting Event start and end?

A: The Creative Accounting Event started on November 15th and will run until November 17th, spanning a duration of two days.

Q: How many tasks in the Creative Accounting Event?

A: The Creative Accounting Event features a total of 49 tasks that will test your skills.

Q: What’s the final reward of the Creative Accounting Event?

A: The final reward includes 6,500 Dice and a 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Summary of the Creative Accounting Event:

In conclusion, the Creative Accounting Event in the world of Monopoly Go offers an exciting adventure with enticing rewards. As you embark on this journey, remember to plan your moves carefully and target high-value Railroad tiles to complete the event successfully. Now, go conquer the Creative Accounting Event and claim these fantastic rewards!

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