Equity Extravaganza Event Monopoly Go Rewards & Task List

Monopoly Go enthusiasts, are you ready for the latest and greatest event in town? Monopoly Go has recently unveiled the Equity Extravaganza Event, promising a treasure trove of rewards and excitement. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll divulge all the details about the rewards, task list, and even share an exclusive strategy to help you maximize your earnings while conserving your dice rolls. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey!

Equity Extravaganza Event Milestone Rewards and Task List

It’s important to note that the rewards and points you can earn may vary depending on your level. Nevertheless, here’s a broad overview of your journey’s progress:

Tast No.Points NeededEquity Extravaganza
Event Reward
125Green Sticker Pack
24015 Dice
320Peg-E Token
515065 Dice
750Green Sticker Pack
840Peg-E Token
95510m Cash Grab
10400200 Dice
1140Peg-E Token
1370Green Sticker Pack
1585Peg-E Token
16850475 Dice
1790Yellow Sticker Pack
1810015m Rent Frenzy
19120Peg-E Token
211.2K650 Dice
22150Green Sticker Pack
23180Pink Sticker Pack
2420070 Dice
25250Peg-E Token
262K900 Dice
2725010m High Roller
28275Peg-E Token
29300Gold Yellow Sticker Pack
30400100 Dice
32500Peg-E Token
33600140 Dice
34700Blue Sticker Pack
35800Peg-E Token
363.8K1.4K Dice
381K5m Cash Grab
391.3KBlue Sticker Pack
417K2.5K Dice
421.6KPeg-E Token
441.7KPurple Sticker Pack
451.8K550 Dice
472K600 Dice
484KPeg-E Token
496KGold Yellow Sticker Pack
5016KGold Yellow Sticker
Pack & 6700 Dice

Equity Extravaganza Event Schedule

The Equity Extravaganza Event unfolds over two action-packed days, commencing on Nov. 3rd and is set to continue until Nov 5th. You have a generous two-day window to take part in this exhilarating event.

How to Accumulate Points in the Equity Extravaganza Event

Equity Extravaganza Event Monopoly Go

During the Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad event, you’ll face challenges that come with demanding point requirements for completion. To emerge victorious, your primary focus should be on landing on Railroad tiles or Chance cards leading to them. Steer clear of other property lots, as they can adversely impact your dice rolls.

Here’s a breakdown of point values for each tile type:

  • Chance: Landing on Chance tiles earns you +2 points.
  • Community Chest: These tiles are worth +3 points each.
  • Railroad: The coveted Railroad tiles will significantly boost your score by +5 points.

For a successful gameplay experience, prioritize landing on Railroad tiles to amass the highest number of points. If you find yourself 6, 7, or 8 tiles away from your desired destination, your chances of reaching it are remarkably high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When does the Equity Extravaganza Event start and end?

A: The Equity Extravaganza Event began on Nov. 3rd and is set to continue until Nov 5th, spanning a total of two thrilling days.

Q: How many tasks are there in the Equity Extravaganza Event?

A: The Equity Extravaganza Event features a grand total of 41 tasks, each designed to put your skills to the test.

Q: What’s the ultimate reward for the Equity Extravaganza Event?

A: The final reward includes a generous 6,700 Dice and a coveted 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Summary of the Equity Extravaganza Event

In conclusion, the Equity Extravaganza Event in the Monopoly Go universe promises an exciting adventure filled with tempting rewards. As you embark on this exhilarating journey, keep in mind that strategic planning and focusing on high-value Railroad tiles are your keys to a successful event completion. Now, it’s time for you to conquer the Equity Extravaganza Event and lay claim to these fantastic rewards!

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