Galactic Adventures Event Monopoly Go Rewards & Task List

Event adventure event is started. It’s time to embark on an exciting journey through Monopoly Go’s Galactic Adventures Event. In this guide, we will explore the milestone rewards and provide you with a task checklist to ensure you maximize your success. Let’s dive right in and discover how to excel in this thrilling escapade.

Complete Rewards list: Galactic Adventures Event Milestones

Note: Keep in mind that rewards and points may vary based on your level, but this overview provides a general understanding of your progress.

Tast No.Points NeedGalactic Adventures
Event Reward
2510 Dice
310Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
450130 Dice
615Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
72510 Min Rent Frenzy
9100225 Dice
1125Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
13250480 Dice
1540Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
17400750 Dice
185010 Min High Roller
1975Pink Pack Pink Sticker Pack
217001.1K Dice
2260Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
247015 Min Cash Grab
2580100 Dice
27150Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
28200250 Dice
301.2K2K Dice
Task No.Points NeedGalactic Adventures
Event Reward
313005 Min Cash Boost
32400Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
341.8K2.7K Dice
35550Purple Pack Purple Sticker Pack
37700800 Dice
39750900 Dice
40800Gold Blue Pack Gold Blue Sticker Pack
424.3KGold Blue Pack Gold Blue Sticker Pack
& 7K Dice
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Total Points and Reward List:

  • Total Task Points: 17455
  • Total Dice Reward: 16,445
  • Green Sticker Pack: 3
  • Yellow Sticker Pack: 2
  • Pink Sticker Pack: 1
  • Blue Sticker Pack: 2
  • Purple Sticker Pack: 1
  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack: 2

Galactic Adventures Event Schedule Details:

The Galactic Adventures Event spans two days, commencing on September 17th and concluding on September 19th. With a limited time frame, every moment counts. Let’s explore how to excel in this event.

How to Complete Galactic Adventures event Fast

Galactic Adventures event point tiles
  • Tax Tiles – 3 Points
  • Utility – 2 Points

To accumulate points during the World Tour Event, you must aim to land on specific tiles depicted in the image. Among these tiles, there are two Tax tiles, each offering 3 points per dice roll, and two Utility tiles that grant 2 points upon landing.

It’s essential to note that each tile comes with its unique point system. To optimize your point collection, it’s advisable to employ a strategic approach when utilizing your dice multipliers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: When is the Galactic Adventures Event taking place?

A: The Galactic Adventures Event began on September 17th and will run for two days.

Q: How many tasks are included in the Galactic Adventures Event?

A: The Galactic Adventures Event consists of 42 tasks, each task has unique reward.

Q: What is finale reward of the Galactic Adventures Event?

A: As you reach the event’s culmination, you’ll be rewarded with the New Token, 7000 Dice, and a coveted 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Q: When will the Galactic Adventures Event conclude?

A: The Galactic Adventures Event will gracefully conclude on September 19th, 2023.

Conclusion: Achieve Galactic Success

In conclusion, the Galactic Adventures Event in Monopoly Go promises an exciting journey filled with rewards and opportunities. To excel, strategize your moves, and aim for those high-value Railroad tiles. With the right approach and careful planning, you can conquer the Galactic Adventures Event and seize its fantastic rewards. Best of luck on your journey to galactic success!

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