Heartful Holidays Album Complete Guide Monopoly Go

The Heartful Holidays Album has begun in Monopoly GO, offering a festive and exciting one-month event. Our guide will help you navigate through this event, providing tips and tricks to dominate the game and unlock valuable prizes.

What is the Heartful Holidays Album Event?

The Heartful Holidays Album Event is the fourth album event in Monopoly GO, lasting for 34 days from December 1st, 2023. It features a Christmas theme and introduces changes to the album system.

Heartful Holidays Album Sets

There are 12 sets in the Heartful Holidays Album, each with 9 stickers, totaling 108 stickers to collect during the 34-day event. Notably, there are fewer sets this time, making it more manageable. They’ve also made it easier to exchange duplicate stickers and reduced board costs. New sticker pack types with fresh visuals have been added, and gold stickers can now be obtained from any normal pack.

Heartful Holidays Album Gold Stickers List

Unlike the previous album, there are only 13 Gold Stickers in the Heartful Holidays Album. You need to collect 8 4-star Gold Stickers and 5 5-star Gold Stickers. Here’s the complete Gold Sticker list:

  • Set 7: Bake it Happen (4 Star)
  • Set 8: Pile of Goodies (4 Star)
  • Set 9: Game Night! (4 Star)
  • Set 10: Bite Me! (4 Star)
  • Set 10: Sugary Feast (4 Star)
  • Set 11: Sleigh All Day (4 Star)
  • Set 11: Team Work (5 Star)
  • Set 11: Well-Deserved Rest (5 Star)
  • Set 12: Go Karts (4 Star)
  • Set 12: Santa’s Float (4 Star)
  • Set 12: Hang On! (5 Star)
  • Set 12: Tycoon Ride (5 Star)
  • Set 12: Special Order (Star)

Rewards for Completing Heartful Holidays Album

Heartful Holidays album Monopoly Go

Completing the Heartful Holidays Album offers lucrative rewards, including 10,000 dice, in-game currency, and the coveted Santa’s Express Token. If you complete the album a second time, you’ll get the gold version of the token. Each set completion also rewards you with a decent-sized reward.

Here’s the reward list for each set:

[List of rewards for each set]

These rewards can boost your progress in the game, aiding you in tournaments and other event activities. Plan your collection completions wisely to maximize your gains.

Monopoly Go Album List

The Heartful Holidays Album is the fourth season of the album event. Here is the list of Monopoly Go Albums:

  1. Globe Trottin
  2. Wildlife Tales
  3. Epic Myth
  4. Heartful Holiday

Monopoly Go Heartful Holiday Album Reset

When the album resets, your remaining stickers and stars convert into a vault, and you receive a vault based on your total stars.

FAQ for Heartful Holiday Album

  • Q: How long does Heartful Holiday last?
    A: The event runs for about 34 days.
  • Q: How many stickers are there to collect in Heartful Holiday Album?
    A: There are 108 stickers spread over 12 sets.
  • Q: How many Gold Stickers are there in Heartful Holidays?
    A: There are 13 Gold Stickers.
  • Q: What is the reward for completing the Heartful Holidays album?
    A: Completing the album earns you 10K dice, in-game money, and a Santa’s Express token.
  • Q: How do I get the Gold version of the Hammer Token?
    A: You receive the Gold version Santa’s Express Token when you complete the album for the second time.
  • Q: How many times can I complete the Heartful Holidays Album?
    A: There is no limit; you can complete it as many times as you want.

Enjoy the festive season in Monopoly Go with the Heartful Holidays Album!

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