Labor Day Parade Monopoly Go Milestones Rewards & Task List

Celebrate Labor Day with us, fellow tycoons! Enjoy rewards and complete tasks list to enhance your empire. Read complete article!

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Labor Day Parade Rewards & Task List

Here are the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event reward and task list.

NOTE: Points required and rewards might differ based on your level, but you’ll get a general sense of your progress. Just a friendly FYI!

Tast No.Points NeedLabor Day
Parade Reward
21010 Dice
410Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
55560 Dice
720Rent Frenzy
820Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
10150180 Dice
1335Green Pack Green Sticker Pack
15300375 Dice
164010 Min Cash Grab
1850Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
20600775 Dice
21555 Min Cash Boost
2260Pink Pack Pink Sticker Pack
251K1.2K Dice
267015 Min High Roller
27100Yellow Pack Yellow Sticker Pack
29125100 Dice
32250175 Dice
33300Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
351.6K1.7K Dice
3640025 Min Rent Frenzy
39800Blue Pack Blue Sticker Pack
403K3K Dice
Task No.Points NeddLabor Day
Parade Reward
42900Purple Pack Purple Sticker Pack
43950700 Dice
451K1.5K Dice
471.4KGold Blue Pack
496K7K Dice &
Gold Blue Pack

Total Reward and Task Point

  • Total Points Need to Complete Event = 28100
  • Total Reward Dice = 8575
  • Green Sticker Pack = 3
  • Yellow Sticker Pack = 1
  • Blue Sticker Pack = 2
  • Pink Sticker Pack = 1
  • Purple Sticker Pack = 1
  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack = 2

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Parade Monopoly Go Milestones Rewards & Task List”

  1. Curious to know something from the expert on here about the Monopoly Go rules. Is it actually disclosed anywhere in the rules that the dice rolls are rigged? Just like everyone else (it seems), I land on a corner spot at least once, if not 2 or 3 times, every single time around the board until…. this event!
    Played for a while and literally hit one corner in about 20 times around the board. Happens every contest. Just wondering if they disclose this somewhere because it is IMPLIED with having dice “rolls” that the odds are the same as actually rolling dice. It is very frustrating and I’m honestly not sure how much more I’m going to play because I refuse to spends hundreds of dollars (or more) on this game. And there is absolutely, positively no way to finish all of those tasks above for free. Rant over.. back to landing on Boardwalk 20 times in a row…

    • While it’s claimed to be based on randomness, our experience and discussions with many players lead us to believe that this game may be biased. It seems that every move in the game is predetermined, possibly because the game creators’ ultimate goal is to generate revenue. Monopoly Go does not display ads within the game, so their primary means of monetization may be by encouraging players to purchase dice and other in-game assets.
      We hope this provides the answer you were looking for.


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