MONOPOLY GO APK Download [latest v1.11.0] for iOS/Android

Monopoly Go is a free-to-play mobile game that combines the classic board game with updated graphics, locations, and social interactions. Players can buy, build, and trade properties, roll the dice, and collect rent from their opponents. The game also features new mini-games, events, and challenges that allow players to earn rewards and level up their characters.

Monopoly Go is a great way to experience the classic Monopoly game in a new and exciting way. It is also a great way to stay connected with friends and family, as players can compete against each other online.


Monopoly Go Apk Details

Size:121 MB
App Version:v1.11.0
Last Update:September 13, 2023
System Requirement:Android 6.0 and up
Categories:Games and Apps
Released onApril 12, 2023

Monopoly Go Apk Features

Classic Monopoly Board: The classic Monopoly board game is the foundation of Monopoly GO!. You can play the game with your friends, family, or online opponents, just like you would with the traditional board game. The board is made up of 40 spaces, including properties, utilities, and railroads. Players roll dice to move around the board, and they can buy properties, build houses and hotels, and collect rent from other players. The first player to go bankrupt is the loser.

Monopoly classic board

Build and Upgrade Structures: In addition to the classic Monopoly gameplay, Monopoly GO! also allows players to build and upgrade structures. Players can buy properties and then build houses and hotels on them. This increases the rent that players can collect from other players when they land on their properties. Players can also upgrade their structures to make them even more valuable.

Monopoly Go apk

Stealing Money and Attacking Other Players: Monopoly GO! adds a new level of strategy and excitement by allowing players to steal money from other players and attack their boards. Players can use their money to steal from other players, or they can attack their boards to destroy their structures. This adds a new layer of competition to the game, and it can make for some very exciting gameplay.

Monopoly Go apk

Monopoly Go Apk Download

For Android and Ios

Older versions

1.7.0July 5, 2023Download
1.5.0Jun 26, 2023Download
1.4.0Jun 9, 2023Download
1.3.0May 31, 2023Download
1.2.0May 12, 2023Download
1.1.1April 28, 2023Download

Monopoly go apk for unsupported devices

Yes, you can download the Monopoly GO! APK for unsupported devices. However, it is important to note that doing so may not work properly, and you may experience errors or crashes.

If you are still interested in downloading the Monopoly GO! APK for an unsupported device, you can download from Here –

Monopoly go unlimited dice

There is no legal way to get unlimited dice or money in Monopoly GO. However, if you are willing to download a modded version of the game, you will be able to get unlimited dice. It is important to note that modded versions of games should be downloaded from trusted source.

Download from here

Where can I download MONOPOLY GO?

Download from official sources- Download

How many maps are in MONOPOLY GO app?

till now there are 400+ maps on this game, but maybe in future they will add more.

Well you need to internet to play this game and you can play it online with friends.

Monopoly GO! is a fun and addictive mobile game based on the classic board game. It has been a huge success since its launch.

12 April

Scopely Company created this game

Yes, its free to play, buy for extra items like dice or game currency you can buy with real money.

Yes, it is available both android and ios

Then maybe Your device may not be compatible with the app because it does not meet the app developer’s requirements.


Monopoly Go is a free-to-play mobile game that brings the classic board game to modern devices with updated graphics and social interactions. It offers traditional gameplay along with new features like building structures, attacking other players, and mini-games for rewards. Themed boards based on famous cities add variety. Created by Scopely, the game has gained popularity with over 10 million downloads since its release on April 12, 2023, for Android (6.0+) and iOS. However, downloading the APK for unsupported devices may lead to errors. Remember, using modded versions for unlimited dice or money might not be legal or safe. Overall, Monopoly Go offers a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages.

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