Monopoly Go Barrel Race Tournament Rewards List

Barrel Race on Monopoly GO is taking place from 22:00 UTC on 29th September 2023 and runs for one day and an 19 hours, so well end at 17:00 UTC on 1st October 2023.

As well as the usual prizes on offer for tournaments. Do well enough and you can get the Vault Shield Skin too.

Barrel Race Tournament Rewards

Task No.Points NeedBarrel Race
17035 Dice
26010 Min Rent Frenzy
3140Green Sticker Pack
418085 Dice
5160Yellow Sticker Pack
6250High Roller 5m
7380170 Dice
9520Pick Sticker Pack
10550225 Dice
12725280 Dice
1380015m Mega Heist
14775Pick Sticker Pack
16900350 Dice
17100015m Rent Frenzy
191200500 Dice
202000Blue STicker PAck
232270900 Dice
24260020m High Roller
253000Purple Sticker Pack
2633001.2K Dice
2840001.4K Dice
3055001.8K Dice

Barrel Race Explained Monopoly GO

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The Barrel Race is being run as a tournament, which means there are a number of milestones to work your way through and at the end of the tournament there will be prize based on your final ranking on the leaderboard.

You can score points as follows:

  • Shutdown Blocked – 2 points
  • Shutdown Success – 4 points
  • Small Heist – 8 Points
  • Large Heist – 12 Points
  • Bankrupt – 16 Points

Obviously if you can bag the 3 rings on the bank heist board and get the bankrupt then that is the best option.

While there is no strategy to find the rings, more often than not, the rings seem to be connected in some way, many times I’ve had three in a row, or three joined in some way. It’s not always the case, but usually I search close-by if I find one early.

If you have any strategies to play Bank Heist or Mega Heist, please let us know in the comments in case we are missing anything.

There are 30 milestones to get through in this event. The top prize for finishing first on your leaderboard at the end of the tournament is a golden purple sticker pack which guarantees you one 5 star gold sticker. Second place gets a 5 star purple pack, so that will guarantee you one 5 star normal sticker.

However, there is also an exclusive Vault Shield skin up for grabs in this tournament which looks like it will be rewarded to the top 7 of each tournament group.

Vault Shield skin

You are only battling with 49 other players in a tournament. Everyone that plays it is put into a group of 50 players and the leaderboard for you is based on your position against those other players, sometimes you are grouped with very strong players, other times, easier ones.

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