Monopoly Go Epic Myths Rewards List (Giveaway)

Hello Tycoons! Get ready for the thrilling Epic Myths Event in Monopoly Go. Excitement is in the air as we unveil the enticing rewards and tasks awaiting you.

Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event Rewards & Task List

The latest season introduces a new task list, “Epic Myths,” with a lower overall completion cost. Enjoy the hunt for tiles and the delight of new card arts.

Explore the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event reward and task list:

NOTE: Point requirements and rewards may vary based on your level, but you’ll get a general sense of your progress. Just a friendly heads-up!

Task No.Points NeededEpic Myth
1580 Oven Mitts
310Green Sticker
475125 Dice
515100 Oven Mitts
615Green Sticker
720150 Oven Mitts
82510 min Rent Frenzy
9150220 Dice
1025180 Oven Mitts
1130Green Sticker
1335220 Oven Mitts
14420550 Dice
Sticker Pack
165010m Cash Grab
1745250 Oven Mitts
198001K Dice
2050Pink Sticker Pack
2155280 Oven Mitts
238510m High Roller
2412001300 Dice
2575Gold Yellow
Sticker Pack
2790320 Oven Mitts
28100100 Dice
30120120 Dice
31130350 Oven Mitts
33175Blue Sticker Pack
341,8001850 Dice
35250400 Oven Mitts
363005m Cash Boost
37450Blue Sticker Pack
38600500 Oven Mitts
394,0004000 Dice
4070020m High Roller
41750Purple Sticker Pack
42800600 Oven Mitts
44900800 Dice
461100Gold Blue
Sticker Pack
486500Gold Blue Sticker
Pack & 6.5K Dice

Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event Schedule

Prepare for an exclusive event lasting nearly 2 days and 5 hours, running from November 24th to November. Brace yourself for reward changes and the introduction of a brand new Sticker Pack.

The countdown to these two eventful days has officially begun. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey—act fast!

How to Complete Epic Myths Event Quickly in Monopoly Go?

Land on Pickups tiles for double points with every dice roll. Navigate strategically by aiming for designated tiles, each offering unique rewards. Your success depends on informed decisions and calculated moves.


Q. When Does the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event Take Place?

A: The Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event spans two exciting days from November 24th, 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks are in the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event?

A: Tackle 42 different tasks and reap corresponding rewards in the Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event ASAP.

Q. What Are the Final Rewards for the Epic Myths Event?

A: The final task rewards include a Yellow-Blue Pack and 6500 Dice.

Wrapping Up the Epic Myths Event

There you have it, fellow tycoons—a comprehensive rundown of the Monopoly Go Epic Myths 2-day Event. Dive into the enticing rewards, thrilling tasks, and mark the event timeline on your calendar. Gear up, roll the dice, and embark on this exciting journey into the world of Epic Myths. The clock is ticking, and the Epic Myths Event awaits your triumphant participation!

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