Monopoly GO Update 1.9.2: Unveiling New Album, Shields Design & More

As the Wildlife Tales Album event comes to an end, Monopoly GO enthusiasts are in for an exciting journey with the upcoming Album and Events update that is set to launch soon. This update, labeled as Monopoly GO Update 1.9.2 is about to hit the scene, packed with a range of fresh content that promises to inject new life into the Monopoly GO experience..

Here’s a quick preview of what players can expect from the highly anticipated Monopoly GO Update 1.9.2:

New Album Event: Epic Myths

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After the conclusion of the Wildlife Tales album event, players can look forward to a captivating new album event titled “Epic Myths.”
This new album is rumored to feature 189 cards grouped into 21 sets, similar to the current album.

Monopoly GO new album set

Leaks suggest the inclusion of two new tokens, one of which appears to be a Cyclops, while the other, speculated to be Thor’s Hammer, might be a reward for completing the entire album.

New Tokens

Excitingly, there are also rumors of upcoming festive season tokens, including Halloween-themed ones like the iconic Witch Hat, as well as a solitary Oktoberfest token.

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Sticker Pack and Shields Design

The Monopoly GO Game team has been hard at work, bringing players fresh designs for sticker packs and introducing an exciting new feature:

New Sticker Pack Design

Themed Shields, Sticker packs are getting a visual makeover, with revamped designs that promise to enhance the overall game experience.

New Shields design

Additionally, the introduction of Themed Shields adds a new dimension to the game, allowing players to collect unique themed shields for their Showroom. These shields can be acquired through various in-game activities such as special events, board progression, and engaging with new content.

Coop Events Reimagined

One of the highlights of the Monopoly GO experience has been the beloved Coop Events. The upcoming update is set to reintroduce these events with exciting twists. The Baking Event is set for a reboot under the name “Coco Partners,” promising delectable delights and sweet rewards.

Car enthusiasts can rejoice as the Car Show returns as “Spooky Car Partners,” likely to align with the Halloween theme and deliver spine-tingling automotive fun.

October Surprises: Oktoberfest and Halloween

Performance Enhancement

Responding to player feedback about game lag and other performance issues, the developers have focused on optimizing the game’s performance.

This means smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and an overall improved gaming experience. Even actions that were previously causing lag, such as scrolling through your friend list, are set to be much smoother.

Moreover, the animation time for opening sticker packs is being reduced, adding to the overall efficiency of the game.

Closing Thoughts

With the conclusion of the Wildlife Tales Album event, Monopoly GO players can look forward to a fresh and exciting experience in the future.

From the enchanting Epic Myths album event to the introduction of Themed Shields and enhanced performance, this update is poised to captivate players anew.

As always, stay tuned for more updates and official announcements as Monopoly GO’s new Update 1.9.2 is here. Get ready to roll the dice and embark on a new adventure!


Q1: What is Monopoly GO Update 1.9.2?

Monopoly GO Update 1.9.2 is the latest version of the Monopoly GO game, packed with exciting new album event titled “Epic Myths,” Themed Shields, revamped sticker pack designs, reimagined Coop Events, and optimizations for smoother gameplay

Q2: What are Themed Shields and new Sticker Packs Designs?

A: Sticker packs will receive a visual makeover with enhanced designs. Themed Shields, a new feature, lets players collect unique shields for their Showroom through activities like special events, board progression, and engaging with new content.

Q3: What changes are coming to Coop Events?

A: Coop Events are returning with exciting twists. The Baking Event becomes “Choco Partners,” offering delicious rewards. The Car Show transforms into “Spooky Car Partners,” aligning with Halloween for thrilling automotive fun.

Q4: When did update 1.9.2 came?

A: The update is realised on August 25 2023.

Q5: What will happen to our stars when new album comes?

A: You will get the (only one, if you have 4’5k stars you’re not gonna get 3 pink vaults) highest tier Vault corresponding to your amount of stars and then they reset. Meaning if I had 2000 stars I’d get the pink vault on new album and then back to 0 stars. Another example, if I had 1000 stars instead, I’d get the blue vault and then 0 stars.

This is what a Scopely staff said so if it’s not true blame him

Monopoly Go New Album (Epic Myth) Release Date?

The “Monopoly Go New Album (Epic Myth)” is set to be released on the 31st of August. Following that, the “Wildlife Tales” album will mark the beginning of a new season for new albums.

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