Monopoly Go Spooky Car Partners Event Complete Guide

Prepare to partner up with fellow tycoons for an upcoming special trick-or-treat Halloween Partner event in Monopoly GO. If you’re on the lookout for an exciting upcoming partner event, your search ends here because a thrilling new addition is about to haunt Monopoly GO – the Spooky Car Partners Event. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on this eerie event, including event dates, milestone rewards, and more.

Dive in as we take you through all the event details.

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What is the Spooky Car Partners Event in Monopoly GO?

The Spooky Car Partners Event is a thrilling social live event that brings players together to construct Halloween cars. This partner event also known as cooperative event marks Monopoly GO’s first-ever holiday-themed celebration, offering festive prizes.

When Will the Spooky Car Partners Event Start?

Make sure to reserve dice for the event and get ready, as it’s scheduled to start on Friday, October 27th, and will last for five days and ten hours.

How to Play & Complete the Spooky Car Partners Event

In the Spooky Car Partners Event, you’ll encounter four slots on the game board. Your primary objective is to collaborate with other players to assemble monster-themed Halloween cars on these slots.

To build these cars, you’ll need steering wheels (points), which you can collect by landing on special tiles and participating in various events and tournaments.

Spooky Car Partners Milestone & Final Rewards

To unlock rewards during the Spooky Car Partners Event, you must reach five milestones indicated on the progress bar. Every milestone you achieve will grant you a prize:

Spooky Car Partners Milestone & Final Rewards

These rewards are associated with each car milestone. Upon successfully constructing all four cars, you’ll become eligible for the Grand Prize.

This prize includes 5,000 dice, a 5-star Gold Purple sticker pack (guaranteeing at least one 5-star sticker), and an exclusive “Witch’s Hat Token.”

Spooky Car Partners Event Hacks

Before rolling the dice, consider these tips to maximize your chances of success:

  • Prioritize steering wheels (points): Gathering points directly from the tile may not yield significant rewards since it’s a 1:1 ratio. Instead, focus on acquiring puzzle pieces (points) through events and tournament rewards.
  • Exercise patience: Avoid hastiness; you have a generous enpugh timeframe to successfully complete this event. Strategically plan your moves to maximize your progress.

How to Remove or Switch Partners in Spooky Car Partners Event

Once you’ve selected your partners, you cannot change or remove them, so make your choices wisely.

In the past, some players faced difficulties in completing the event because they partnered with inactive or unprepared players. To avoid this, consider the following tips when selecting partners:

  • Dice Availability: Partner with friends who have an ample supply of dice for smooth progress.
  • Collaboration: Prioritize friends willing to collaborate effectively and actively contribute.
  • Active Participation: Choose partners who are active players and can consistently engage.
  • Mutual Benefits: Seek partners who can mutually benefit from the event’s rewards.

Spooky Car Partners Event Not Appearing

If the Spooky Car Partners Event doesn’t appear in your game, it’s likely because you haven’t reached Board 5 or higher. To participate, you need to achieve at least Board 5 or higher. Focus on upgrading your properties through the first four boards to unlock access to this exciting event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to common questions about the Spooky Car Partners Event:

How to Change or Switch Partners in the Spooky Car Partners Event?

A: You can’t change partners once selected, so choose wisely.

What Happens to Extra Steering Wheels (Points) in the Spooky Car Partners Event?

A: Unused steering wheels are converted into in-game currency based on your net worth and board level.

What is the Spooky Car Partners Event Final Reward?

A: The final reward includes 5,000 dice, a 5-star Golden Purple sticker pack, and the exclusive “Witch’s Hat Token.”

Spooky Car Partners Event Time Duration?

A: The event runs for 5 days and 10 hours.

What Level is Required to Participate in the Spooky Car Partners Event?

A: To play the Spooky Car Partners Event or any other partner event, you should have reached Board 5 or above.

How Often Do You Have a Partners Event?

A: Partner events occur monthly, providing regular opportunities for exciting gameplay.

Monopoly GO Spooky Car Partners Event Schedule 2023

A: Expected to start from October 27th, 2023.

Wrapping Up

With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-prepared to excel in the Spooky Car Partners Event. Collaborate with strong partners, strategize effectively, and aim for those milestone rewards to claim the grand prize. Happy gaming!

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