Toy Partners Event Complete Guide Monopoly Go

Tycoons, the moment has arrived! It’s time to join forces and dive into the brand new Toy Partners Event!

If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide for the Toy Partners Event, including details on event milestone rewards and more, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Stay with us as we provide you with a thorough rundown of this exciting event. So, make sure to read this entire article.

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What is the Toy Partners Event in Monopoly Go

The Toy Partners Event is an exciting social live event that allows you to join forces with friends to build various attractions on your game board and snag amazing prizes.

Set to kick off on Monday, October 2nd, and lasting for five days and ten hours, this monthly “coop event” offers players a regular opportunity to engage and win big.

How to Play & Complete Fast Toy Partners Event

Toy Partners Event

During the Toy Partners Event, you’ll encounter four slots on the game board. Your main goal is to collaborate with fellow players to build your toy on these slots.

But how do you build them? The key is to spin the wheel and accumulate points. Both you and your partner contribute to the same progress bar, so teamwork is essential.

To spin the wheel, you’ll need to collect puzzle pieces in Event as points, which act as currency (e.g., Coockies for the Choco Partner Event).

You can acquire these points by rolling the dice on the game board and participating in live events. Effective collaboration and strategic planning with your partner will lead you to victory.

Toy Partner Event Reward and Points List

To earn rewards during the Toy Partner Event, you’ll need to reach five milestones indicated on the progress bar. Each time you hit a milestone, you’ll receive a prize.

Toy Partners Event Rewards and points
Toy Partner
Event Milestone
Toy Partner
Event Reward
1,800 Points150 Dice
6,800 PointsMoney
(as per your Networth)
14,200 PointsBlue Vault of
250 Dice and Money
Pink Vault of
350 Dice & Pink Pack
Completion600 Dice, Money and
a Blue 4 Star Pack

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After successfully completing all four Toy, you’ll be eligible for the Grand Prize, which consists of 5,000 dice, a 5-star Gold Purple sticker pack (guaranteeing at least one 5-star sticker), and an exclusive new token known as “Toy Peg-E

Toy Partners Event Hack

Before you start rolling the dice, consider these tips to maximize your chances of success:

  • Value puzzle pieces: Accumulating points on the tile might not be very rewarding as it’s a 1:1 ratio. Focus on obtaining puzzle pieces (points) from events and tournament rewards.
  • Take Your Time: Don’t rush; you have a generous five-day window to complete this event. Plan your moves carefully to optimize your progress.

How to remove or switch partners in Toy Partners Event

Once you’ve chosen your partners, changing or removing them is not possible, so make your selection wisely.

In the Monopoly GO! Toy Partners Event, your choice of allies is crucial to your success. In past events, some players missed out on the grand prize because they partnered with inactive or unprepared players.

Here are some tips for selecting the right partners:

  1. Dice Availability: Team up with friends who have a reasonable supply of dice to ensure smooth progress.
  2. Collaboration: Prioritize friends who are willing to collaborate effectively and actively contribute to building cakes.
  3. Active Participation: Choose friends who are active players and can consistently engage in the event.
  4. Mutual Benefits: Look for partners who can mutually benefit from the event’s rewards.

Toy Partners Event Not Showing/Appearing

If you can’t see the Toy Partners Event option in your game or are unable to participate, it likely means you haven’t reached Board 5 or higher.

To join this event, you must achieve at least Board 5 or higher. Focus on upgrading your properties through the first four boards to unlock access to this exciting event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about the Toy Partner Event:

Q How to Change or switch Partners in the Toy Partner Event?

A: Once you have selected your partner, you cannot change them, so choose wisely.

Q What Happens to Extra points in Toy Partners Event Monopoly GO?

A: Remaining points will be converted into in-game currency, and you will receive money based on your net worth and board level.

Q What is the Toy Partners Event Final Reward?

A: The final reward includes 5,000 dice, a 5-star Golden Purple sticker (one guaranteed gold 5-star sticker ), and the “Toy Peg-E” token.

Q How Long Will the Toy Partners Event Last?

A: The event began on October 2nd and will continue for the next 5 days and 10 hours.

Q What Level is Required to Participate in the Toy Partners Event?

A: To play the Toy Partners Event or any other partner event, you should have reached Board 5 or above.

Q How Often Do You Have a Partners Event?

A: Partners events occur every month, providing regular opportunities for exciting gameplay.

Q Monopoly GO Toy Partners Event Schedule 2023

A: Mark your calendar! The event will run from Monday, October 2nd, to October 8th, 2023.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to excel in the Toy Partners Event. Collaborate with strong partners, strategize effectively, and aim for those milestone rewards to claim the grand prize. Happy gaming!

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