Monopoly Masters Event Milestone Reward & Task List

Get ready for the ultimate Monopoly showdown—the Monopoly Masters Event is here! Say goodbye to boring events and hello to awesome rewards. In this post, we’re spilling the beans on the coolest Monopoly Masters Event rewards and tasks.

Hold onto your hats because things are about to get seriously splashtastic! Tycoons are diving into the game, and they’re making a splash like you’ve never seen. Get ready for surprises, prizes, and a whole lot of Monopoly Go excitement.

We’re talking big thrills, awesome prizes, and tasks that will have you on the edge of your seat. Let’s crank up the summer vibes with the Monopoly Masters Event!

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Monopoly Masters Event Rewards & Task List

Here are the Monopoly Masters Event reward and task list.

Task No.Points NeedReward List
15894K Money
21010 Dice
310Green Pack
450130 Dice + Green Pack
5152.07 Million Money
615Green Pack
71515 Minute (Rent Frenzy)
8202.69 Million Money
9100225 Dice + Green Pack
10252.98 Million Money
1125Green Pack
12304.47 Million Money
13250480 + 50 Dice
14354.77 Million Money
1540Green Pack
17400750 Dice
185010 Minute (New Grab)
1975Green Pack
217001.1K Dice + 5 Minute
2260Green Pack
247015 Minute Cash Grab
2580100 Dice
26500250 Dice
27150Blue Pack
28200250 Dice
301.2K2K Dice & Blue Pack
313005 Minute
32400Blue Pack
341.8K2.7K Dice + 10 Minute
35550Pick Pack
37700800 Dice
381.3K500 Dice + Money
39750900 Dice
40800Pick Pack
424.3KPick Pack & 7K Dice
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Monopoly Masters Event Schedule

Hey there, mark your calendars because something epic is coming! Get ready for an exclusive event that’s gonna rock from August 15th to August 18th. Yep, it’s just 3 days, but trust us, it’s gonna be a blast you won’t forget.

Time to grab the bull by the horns and make the most of your Monopoly Go adventure. This event might be short, but that’s what makes it crazy exciting. Don’t blink, or you might miss the action.

Tick-tock, my friend! The clock is ticking, and we’re counting down to 3 super eventful days. Don’t let this awesome opportunity slip through your fingers. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

This is your golden ticket to a rollercoaster of fun, thrills, and crazy chances. Be a go-getter, and you’ll have stories to tell way after these three days are over. Get ready to roll the dice!

How to Complete The Monopoly Masters Event In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Masters Event

When you hit any of these cool spots (Tax tile, Utility), you’re scoring points, my friend. Check out the pic above to see where the magic happens. Each tile’s got its own vibe and sweet rewards. It’s all about being smart and playing your cards right to make the most out of this ride. Let’s do this!


Q. What Is The Date Of The Monopoly Masters Event?

Monopoly Masters Event has a three days event from 15th August to 18th August 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks In Monopoly Masters Event?

Monopoly Masters Event has 42 different tasks and rewards.

Q. What Is The Monopoly Masters Event Last Task Rewards?

Monopoly Masters Event’s last task rewards are Pink Pack and 7000 Dice.


Alright, time to wrap things up! The Monopoly Masters Event is like a turbo boost for your gaming excitement. Think cool rewards, awesome tasks, and a splash of fun like never before. So get ready to dive in and rock this adventure.

Picture this: you’ve got two days, from August 15th to August 18th, 2023, to soak up all the action. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it deal, so no time for dilly-dallying.

Here’s the deal: your moves, your decisions. This event’s all about strategy and smarts. Each spot on the board—Chance, Community Chest, Railroad—brings its own flavor of fun and rewards. So make those moves count, my friend.

As you dive into this whirlwind of fun, remember—it’s all about you making the calls and taking charge. The Monopoly Masters Event is like that epic story you’ll tell for ages. So don’t miss out, mark your calendar, and let’s make this Monopoly Go journey legendary!

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  1. This event only uses the tax and utility. Seems like when those tiles are important, I could barely hit them….. but as soon as this event is done, I’ll hit them on every round.

  2. This event is hard to get, if it were to be landing on the edges of the board or railboards then it would have been okay. Please don’t make this kind of event for more than a day even if you have to do it because obviously their will be varieties. Thanks


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