Moon Walkers Monopoly Go Reward & Task List

The new Moon Walkers event in Monopoly Go has blasted off with a space-themed adventure. Join us as we guide you through the complete Moon Walkers event, revealing all the rewards and tasks you need to conquer this space challenge.

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Moon Walkers Event Rewards & Task List

Corner events are generaly good. These events are typically more budget-friendly, and the addition of new shield tokens makes them even more appealing. Plus, they’re not too distant on the horizon.

NOTE: Points required and rewards might differ based on your level, but you’ll get a general sense of your progress.

Here’s a breakdown of the Moon Walkers Monopoly Go reward and task list:

Tast No.Points NeedMoon Walkers
Event Reward
1510 Dice
255 Peg-E
310Green Pack
56575 Dice
6158 Peg-E
820Green Pack
10180240 Dice
112512 Peg-E
123010 Min
Cash Grab
1335Green Pack
144015 Peg-E
15350480 Dice
1760Yellow Pack
18100120 Dice
197030 Peg-E
20600Shield Skin
21105125 Dice
22100Pink Pack
2311045 Peg-E
2510001.2K Dice
2613015 Min
High Roller
2815060 Peg-E
29160Yellow Pack
3016001.6K Dice
Tast No.Points NeedMoon Walkers
Event Reward
32250Blue Pack
3428075 Peg-E
3520001850 Dice
364005 Min
Cash Boost
37600Blue Pack
38700500 Dice
39800100 Peg-E
4030002.7K Dice
41900Purple Pack
42100025 Min
Rent Frenzy
431100130 Peg-E
441200950 Dice
461200160 Peg-E
471400Golden BLue
496000Golden BLue
Pack & 7K Dice
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Moon Walkers Event Schedule Details

The Moon Walkers event spans three days, running from September 19th to September 22nd, 2023. Prepare for a cosmic journey and set out to achieve your final milestone before time runs out in space.

How to Complete The Moon Walkers Event?

Moon Walkers Event corner points tiles

To earn points in this event, you’ll need to land on any of the four corner tiles. These corner tiles are your key to accumulating points. Whenever you land on one of them, you’ll receive 4x points for each dice roll, as depicted in the picture. So, strategize your dice usage wisely to ensure you reach the moon, your final milestone, without running out of dice. Best of luck!


Q. What Is The Date Of The Moon Walkers Event?

A: The Moon Walkers Event runs for three days, starting on September 19th and concluding on September 22nd, 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks In Moon Walkers Event?

The Moon Walkers Event features 51 unique tasks and corresponding rewards.

Q. What Is The Moon Walkers Event Final Rewards?

Upon completing the final task of the Moon Walkers Event, you will receive a Golden blue sticker pack and 7000 Dice as your rewards.


Embark on your cosmic adventure with the Moon Walkers event in Monopoly Go. Use this guide to navigate the challenges, earn rewards, and reach the moon. Best of luck on your space journey!

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3-star sticker giveaway, hosted during every event!

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Winners are –

Joseph – Knight Tale (Set 13)
Rainey – Treasure Hunt (16)
Janane – Lost Temple (10)


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  1. Wth I got the purple pack, rent frenzy, money, but then I had to get 1200 Points to get 160 peg chips. Now it’s 1400 points for a gold?/blue pack??


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