Pumpkin Prowl Event Monopoly Go Reward & Task List

Are you ready for the new event? Monopoly Go is here with the Pumpkin Prowl Event, offering a new token as a reward. Look no further! In this article, we’re about to unravel all the rewards and the task list for this event, along with a secret strategy to maximize your rewards with minimum dice spending. Let’s jump right into this spooky adventure!

Pumpkin Prowl Event Milestone Rewards and Task List

Task List and Rewards for Pumpkin Prowl Event

Note: Rewards and points may vary depending on your level, but this provides a general progress overview.

Task No.Points NeededPumpkin Prowl
255 Peg-E
Event Points
310Green Pack
475125 Dice
Rent Frenzy
7208 Peg-E
Event Points
9150230 Dice
103015 Peg-E
Event Points
1135Green Pack
134520 Peg-E
Event Points
14400550 Dice
1545Yellow Sticker
Cash Grab
176030 Peg-E
Event Points
19800950 Dice
2075Pink Sticker Pack
217040 Peg-E
Event Points
228090 Dice
249001K Dice
25100Gold Yellow
Sticker Pack
2611015m High Roller
2712560 Peg-E
Event Points
28130125 Dice
291000New Token
30140140 Dice
3114570 Peg-E
Event Points
33175Blue Pack
341,8001.8K Dice
3525085 Peg-E
Event Points
Rent Frenzy
37450Blue Pack
394,0003.8K Dice
40700100 Peg-E
Event Points
41800Purple Sticker
42900800 Dice
441000130 Peg-E
Event Points
Cash Boost
461200Gold Blue
Sticker Pack
486500Gold Blue Sticker
Pack & 6.5K Dice
Task List created by itsjakesm

Total Points and Rewards Summary

  • Total Task Points: 29,095
  • Total Dice Reward: 16,110
  • Green Sticker Pack: x3
  • Yellow Sticker Pack: x2
  • Pink Sticker Pack: x1
  • Blue Sticker Pack: x2
  • Purple Sticker Pack: x1
  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack: x2

Event Reward Token: Jack O Lantern Token

Pumpkin Prowl Event reward - Jack O Lantern Token

Say hello to the brand-new event token, the Jack O Lantern Token. You will get this token in task no. 29 where you have to collect 1,000 points to get this token.

Pumpkin Prowl Event Schedule

The Pumpkin Prowl Event spans four thrilling days, starting on October 12th and concluding on October 16th. There’s no need to rush. You have four days ahead of us.

How to Get Points in Pumpkin Prowl Event

Pumpkin Prowl Event Points tile

This is Pickup Tile event, a fantastic opportunity, especially when paired with the Free Parking. This combination unlocks numerous advantageous tiles for you to explore.

To score points in the Pumpkin Prowl event, your aim should be to land on the pickup tiles strategically scattered across the game board. These tiles offer double points for each dice roll, so plan your moves wisely to maximize your rewards.


Q: When does the Pumpkin Prowl Event started?

A: The Pumpkin Prowl Event started on October 12th and runs for a duration of four days.

Q: How many tasks are included in the Pumpkin Prowl Event?

A: The Pumpkin Prowl Event features a total of 48 tasks that will put your skills to the test.

Q: What’s the finale reward of the Pumpkin Prowl Event?

A: 6,500 Dice, and the 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Q: When will the Pumpkin Prowl Event come to an end?

A: The Pumpkin Prowl Event will conclude on October 16th, 2023.

What is token reward in Pumpkin Prowl Event Monopoly Go

A: A new token reward – Jack O Lantern Token

Wrapping Up Pumpkin Prowl Event

In conclusion, the Pumpkin Prowl Event within the Monopoly Go universe promises an adventure brimming with rewards and excitement. As you embark on this journey, remember to strategize your moves and target those high-value Railroad tiles for a swift and triumphant completion. Now, go conquer the Pumpkin Prowl Event and claim those incredible rewards!

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