Rodeo Riders Monopoly Go Rewards & Task List

Are you ready to embark on your Monopoly Go Rodeo Riders Event journey and become a tycoon? Look no further! In this article, we’ll reveal the secrets to maximize your rewards. Let’s dive into this thrilling adventure!

Rodeo Riders Event Milestone Rewards and Task List

The Tax/Utility event is similar to the corners event, featuring just four tiles on the board. If you’re low on dice, it’s best to play this event alongside others like the daily tournament and free parking dice to use your dice efficiently. Good luck!

Note: Rewards and points may vary based on your level, but this offers a general overview of progress.

Task No.Points NeededRodeo Riders
2510 Dice
310Green Sticker Pack
450130 Dice
615Green Sticker Pack
9100225 Dice
1125Green Sticker Pack
13250480 Dice
1540Yellow Sticker PAck
17400750 Dice
1975Pink Sticker Pack
217001.1K Dice
2260Yellow Sticker PAck
2580100 Dice
27150Blue Sticker Pack
28200250 Dice
3012002K Dice
32400Blue Sticker Pack
341,8002.7K Dice
35550Purple Sticker Pack
37700800 Dice
39750900 Dice
40800Gold Blue Sticker Pack
424300Gold Blue Sticker Pack & 6.5K Dice

Total Points and Rewards Summary

  • Total Task Points: 17,445
  • Total Dice Reward: 16,445
  • Green Sticker Pack: x3
  • Yellow Sticker Pack: x2
  • Pink Sticker Pack: x1
  • Blue Sticker Pack: x2
  • Purple Sticker Pack: x1
  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack: x2

Rodeo Riders Event Schedule

The Rodeo Riders Event spans four thrilling days, starting on October 2nd and concluding on October 5th. Make every second count during these precious three days!

How to Get Points in Rodeo Riders Event

Rodeo Riders Event Points
  • Tax Tiles – 3 Points
  • Utility – 2 Points

To earn points in the World Tour Event, your goal is to target specific tiles, as shown in the image. Among these tiles, there are two Tax tiles that award 3 points per dice roll and two Utility tiles that provide 2 points when you land on them.

Remember, each tile has its unique point system. To maximize your point accumulation, it’s recommended to use your dice multipliers strategically.


Q: When does the Rodeo Riders Event take place?

A: The Rodeo Riders Event started on October 18th and runs for three days.

Q: How many tasks are included in the Rodeo Riders Event?

A: The Rodeo Riders Event features a total of 51 tasks that will put your skills to the test.

Q: What’s the final reward of the Rodeo Riders Event?

A: The finale reward is 7000 Dice and the 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Q: When will the Rodeo Riders Event come to an end?

A: The Rodeo Riders Event will conclude on October 21st, 2023.

Wrapping Up Rodeo Riders Event

In summary, the Rodeo Riders Event in Monopoly Go offers exciting rewards. To succeed, aim for Tax tiles and Utility tiles to earn points and complete tasks. Best of luck in your Monopoly Go adventure!

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