Scottie’s Mansion Monopoly Go Rewards & Task List

Greetings, Esteemed Tycoons! It’s time to embark on the Monopoly Go Scottie’s Mansion Event journey, and we’re here to provide you with an exclusive roadmap. In this article, we’ll delve into the milestone rewards and equip you with a task checklist, ensuring you make the most of this thrilling escapade. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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Scottie’s Mansion Event Milestone Reward & Task List

NEW TOKEN TASK! finally, It’s been a while since the last token appeared in a main event, but the wait is over. The Pickup Tile event is here, and it’s a fantastic opportunity, especially when combined with the Free Parking dice x1/2. This means there are numerous positive tiles to land on. Good luck!

Note: Rewards and points may vary with your level, but this provides a general progress overview.

Tast No.Points NeedScottie’s Mansion
21010 Dice
310Green Sticker Pack Green Pack
480125 Dice
620Green Sticker Pack Green Pack
8150220 Dice
103015 Min Rent Frenzy
1135 Green Sticker PackGreen Pack
13425550 Dice
1550Yellow Sticker Pack Yellow Pack
17800900 Dice
1970Pink Sticker Pack Pink Pack
211.2K1.3K Dice
2210015 Min High Roller
23120Yellow Sticker Pack Yellow Pack
251.8K1.6K Dice
27250Blue Sticker Pack Blue Pack
28275200 Dice
29300Cash Boost
302.5KScottie Sleeping Token
Task No.Points NeedScottie’s Mansion
31300225 Dice
32400Blue Sticker Pack Blue Pack
344.5K4K Dice
35600Purple Sticker PackPurple Pack
3670020 Min
Cash Grab
37800500 Dice
39900700 Dice
401KGold Blue Sticker Pack Gold Blue Pack
426.5KGold Blue Sticker Pack Gold Blue Pack
& 6.5K Dice
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Total Points and Reward List

  • Total Task Points – 29655
  • Total Dice Reward – 16830
  • Green Sticker Pack – 3
  • Yellow Sticker Pack – 2
  • Pink Sticker Pack – 1
  • Blue Sticker Pack – 2
  • Purple Sticker Pack – 1
  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack – 2

3 Star Sticker Giveaway

The giveaway has ended, and winners are:

Tiffany/Frank Tiffany
Sandra/Sandra Lee

Let us know once you receive the stickers.
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated!

Scottie’s Mansion Event Reward Token

Scottie's Mansion Token - Scottie Sleeping
Scottie Sleeping Token

Many individuals have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new event token for Scottie’s Mansion Event. Your patience has finally paid off as we unveil the brand-new token called Scottie Sleeping Token, which comes with a generous reward package consisting of 6,500 dice and a Golden Blue sticker pack. Inside the sticker pack, you are guaranteed to receive one 4-star gold sticker.

Monopoly Go Scottie’s Mansion Event Schedule:

The Scottie’s Mansion Event unfolds over a span of Four days, commencing on September 13th and concluding on September 17th. You have a precious 4 days to conquer this event, so let’s make every second count!

How to Complete Scottie’s Mansion Event Fast

Scottie's Mansion Event points

To earn points in the Scottie’s Mansion event, you must land on the pickup tiles, as illustrated in the picture. These pickup tiles are scattered throughout the game board in various locations, increasing your chances of accumulating points. Whenever you land on a pickup tile, you’ll receive double points for each roll of the dice. Therefore, it’s crucial to use your dice strategically to maximize your rewards.


Q: When does the Scottie’s Mansion Event take place?

A: The Scottie’s Mansion Event commenced on September 11th and will run for a duration of two days.

Q: How many tasks are included in the Scottie’s Mansion Event?

A: In the Scottie’s Mansion Event, you will encounter a total of 42 tasks that demand your attention and skill.

Q: What’s the grand finale of the Scottie’s Mansion Event, and what rewards await?

A: As you reach the event’s culmination, you’ll be rewarded with New Token, 6,500 Dice and a coveted 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

Q: When will the Scottie’s Mansion Event end?

A: The Scottie’s Mansion Event will gracefully come to an end on September 17th, 2023.

Wrapping Up the Scottie’s Mansion Event

In summary, the Scottie’s Mansion Event in the Monopoly Go world promises an adventure filled with rewards and excitement. As you embark on this journey, remember to strategize your moves and aim for those high-value Railroad tiles to ensure a swift and successful completion. Now, go conquer the Scottie’s Mansion Event and seize those fantastic rewards!

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