Scottie’s Spa Event Monopoly Go Reward & Task List

Greetings, Esteemed Tycoons! It’s time to embark on the Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event journey, and we’re here to provide you with an exclusive roadmap. In this article, we’ll delve into the milestone rewards and equip you with a task checklist, ensuring you make the most of this thrilling escapade. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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Scottie’s Spa Event Milestone Reward & Task List

First and foremost, let’s unravel the intriguing rewards and tasks that lie within the Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event.

Note: Rewards and points may vary with your level, but this provides a general progress overview.

Tast No.Points NeedScottie’s Spa Event
220Green Sticker Pack
Green Pack
34020 Dice
515075 Dice
855Green Sticker Pack
Green Pack
96510 Min Cash Grab
10375200 Dice
1390Green Sticker Pack
Green Pack
16850450 Dice
18110Yellow Sticker Pack
Yellow Pack
191205 Min Cash Boost
211.3K700 Dice
22150Pink Sticker Pack
Pink Pack
252K950 Dice
2627510 Min High Roller
27300Yellow Sticker Pack
Yellow Pack
29400100 Dice
31450120 Dice
33650Blue Sticker Pack
Blue Pack
355K2K Dice
3790025 Min Rent Frenzy
381KBlue Sticker Pack
Blue Pack
4010K3.8K Dice
Task No.Points NeedScottie’s Spa Event
411.6K20 Min High Roller
431.9KPurple Sticker Pack
Purple Pack
452K500 Dice
463KGold Blue Sticker Pack
Golden BLue Pack
484K15 Min Cash Grab
4917.5KGold Blue Sticker Pack Golden BLue Pack
& 7.5K Dice
The list curated by itsjakesm

The giveaway has ended, and we're excited to announce the winners:

1. Thomas D. Turner
2. John - [email protected]
3. Carin Kocher
5. Tyrone Thompson

Winners, please share the following details in the comments:

1. In-game name.
2. Invite link.
3. Your choice of one 3star sticker from the list below:

   - Ithaca - set 8
   - Recital - set 9
   - Lockstep - set 9
   - Lost Temple - set 10
   - El Dorado - set 10
   - Tricky Business - set 10
   - Splashing! - set 11
   - Seashell Seat - set 12
   - Coral Castle - set 12
   - Grand Bunyan - set 14
   - Lumberjack - set 14
   - Nap Time - set 14
   - What's that? - set 15
   - The Scoop - set 15
   - Land in Sight! - set 16
   - Oopsie! - set 17
   - WOW - set 17
   - Small Fevour - set 18
   - Golden Wish - set 18
   - Hairy Baby - set 19
   - Big Toys! - set 19
   - Splashquatch - set 19
   - Fairy Tale - set 20
   - Duty Calls - set 21

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event Schedule:

The Scottie’s Spa Event unfolds over a span of two days, commencing on September 11th and concluding on September 13th. You have a precious 48 hours to conquer this event, so let’s make every second count!

How to Complete Scottie’s Spa Event Fast

When it comes to speeding through the Scottie’s Spa Event, every move counts. Here’s how you can earn points swiftly:

Scottie's Spa Event Points
  • Chance – +2 Points
  • Community Chest – +3 Points
  • Railroad – +5 Points

To amass points during the Scottie’s Spa Event, your primary goal is to land on one of the three tiles displayed in the picture. If you happen to land on the Chance tile, you’ll earn double points for every dice roll. Meanwhile, the Community Chest tile yields triple points, and the Railroad tile grants a five-fold point boost. If you’re aiming for a swift completion, strategically aim for the Railroad tile to maximize your point accumulation. Each tile boasts its unique point system, so make strategic choices to optimize your progress.


  • Q: When does the Scottie’s Spa Event take place?

    A: The Scottie’s Spa Event commenced on September 11th and will run for a duration of two days.

  • Q: How many tasks are included in the Scottie’s Spa Event?

    A: In the Scottie’s Spa Event, you will encounter a total of 49 tasks that demand your attention and skill.

  • Q: What’s the grand finale of the Scottie’s Spa Event, and what rewards await?

    A: As you reach the event’s culmination, you’ll be rewarded with 7,500 Dice and a coveted 4-star Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

  • Q: When will the World Tour Event conclude?

    A: The Scottie’s Spa Event will gracefully come to an end on September 13th, 2023.

Wrapping Up the Epic Myths Event

In summary, the Scottie’s Spa Event in the Monopoly Go world promises an adventure filled with rewards and excitement. As you embark on this journey, remember to strategize your moves and aim for those high-value Railroad tiles to ensure a swift and successful completion. Now, go conquer the Scottie’s Spa Event and seize those fantastic rewards!

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