Boosie supports Taraji P. Henson's recent remarks on pay disparity among Black women in Hollywood.

The rapper emphasizes the need for more Black voices to speak out and drive change in the industry.

Boosie brings attention to Mo'Nique's 2019 lawsuit against Netflix, alleging racial bias in their $500k offer for a comedy special.

Mo'Nique cited examples of industry peers like Amy Schumer and Ellen Degeneres earning millions for similar specials.

Netflix settled Mo'Nique's lawsuit out of court in June 2022, according to the LA Times.

Boosie defends Mo'Nique, asserting she has been vocal about the underpayment of Black women in Hollywood.

The rapper criticizes those who dismissed Mo'Nique's claims and highlights Taraji P. Henson's emotional revelation on the issue.

Taraji shares her ongoing struggles for equal pay, implying a need for collective action to address the industry-wide problem.

Boosie links his frustration over societal agendas affecting children to the broader call for collective action in Hollywood's pay disparity issue.