Boxer Ryan Garcia announces the birth of his second child, a boy named Henry Leo, with partner Andrea Celina.

Ryan expresses joy and gratitude in a social media post, praising the Lord for the newborn's arrival.

In a surprising twist, Ryan follows up with a deleted post announcing his divorce from Andrea Celina.

The divorce announcement comes almost immediately after sharing the news of their new baby.

The couple's marital status was not widely known, adding to the shock of the sudden divorce revelation.

Ryan expresses a heavy heart as he discloses the decision to end the marriage while emphasizing co-parenting commitment.

It's unclear if both parties are on the same page, as Andrea did not share the divorce statement on her own social media.

Ryan deletes the divorce post from his page after it had been public for over 12 hours, leaving uncertainty about their relationship status.

Andrea posts cryptic messages on her Instagram Story, potentially hinting at her feelings about the situation.

The unexpected turn of events raises questions about the couple's relationship, given their history together since 2019.