Lil Nas X responds to Dave Chappelle's jokes about him in Netflix special "The Dreamer.

Chappelle mocks Lil Nas X, saying he was dressed like C-3PO and aimed to be "the gayest n—a that ever lived.

Chappelle references Lil Nas X's controversial "Call Me By Your Name" music video, where he gave a lap dance to the Devil.

Lil Nas X takes to social media, urging critics to move on from the video, stating he and the Devil broke up three years ago.

He compares the situation to "children of divorce," emphasizing the need to let go of past controversies.

Lil Nas X hints at entering his "Christian era" as he prepares to release new music.

The post highlights that this isn't the first time Lil Nas X has defended his controversial video and criticized those missing its true meaning.

Lil Nas X teases upcoming music, indicating a shift in his artistic direction.

The feud exemplifies ongoing clashes between artists and comedians over the interpretation of controversial content in the entertainment industry.