Dicey’s Dividends Monopoly Go Upcoming Event

Hey Tycoons! Exciting News: Dicey’s Dividends, a Limited-Time Event, is on the horizon! Get ready to score awesome rewards with your very own piggy bank, Dicey.

What’s Dicey’s Dividends Event in Monopoly Go?

This special event gives you a cool piggy bank named Dicey. Whenever you roll double sixes in the game, Dicey rewards you with bonus dividends, storing them in your Piggybank for later.

Rewards: When to Collect Your Saved Rolls?

You can collect your saved rolls anytime! Just accept the offer Dicey gives you. Be smart though – the offer might change and give you an even better deal!

Upgrading Dicey

The Dicey Piggybank can only hold a certain amount of rolls. If you want it to store more, you have to level up Dicey four times, and each upgrade needs Piggy Coins.

When Does the Event Start?

The event is expected after the next update (though it might take a bit). Details could change, and collecting saved dice might involve spending real money. Stay tuned to our site for updates as we get closer to the event!

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