Monopoly Go Upcoming Events List

With Christmas around the corner, anticipation is building for a lineup of exciting events, particularly the upcoming album following the conclusion of the current Epic Myth album. Many are eagerly awaiting news on the theme and content of the next album. We’re here to share a preview of the upcoming events, featuring a plethora of new tokens and shields. Get ready for a festive season filled with thrilling surprises!

Monopoly Go Upcoming Events List Sneak Peek

Heartfelt Holidays

Heartfelt Holidays Album

Hey everyone! The next album is called Heartfelt Holidays, and it seems to have a Christmas theme. There’s a cool Holidays Xmas Santa Sled Token in both the regular and gold versions. What do you think about this new album? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Nessie’s Quest Tournament

Nessie's Quest Tournament

There’s a new tournament coming up with a fresh shield called MrMGreek. Just like the Santa Sled token in the Heartfelt Holidays album, this shield will be available in both regular and gold versions. Get ready for some exciting competition!

Dicey’s Dividends

There’s a new event on the horizon called Dicey’s Dividends, and it seems like it might be a mini-game, similar to the Egyptian Treasure. Additionally, there are hints of more mini-game events to come, like Moonlight Treasures and Jungle Treasures. Unfortunately, we don’t have more details or pictures at the moment.

Share Emojis

Guess what? Monopoly Go is getting emojis! Yep, now when you take over a landmark or pull off a heist, you can use emojis to show how you feel. We don’t know exactly when this will come, but isn’t that super cool? What do you think about it?

Taco Take-Out

Taco Take-Out event

Excited about the Taco Take-Out Event with the cute Avocado Token! I really want this adorable token. Which one are you looking forward to?

Stay tuned for more updates as we receive additional information. Let us know which event has you the most excited!

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