Monopoly Go Epic Myth Album – Complete Guide

Epic Myths Album has officially kicked off in Monopoly GO! Dive into our comprehensive guide to uncover the ins and outs of this thrilling three-month event and dominate it!

Discover the most effective strategies for completing your sticker collections and, in the end, your album, to unlock the game’s most rewarding prizes.

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Update: New Sticker Set 22 – Monopoly Go Album

Monopoly go album new sticker set
Credit: itsjakems

In the latest season of Monopoly Go, a new set has been introduced in the Epic Myth album, known as the “Rise of the Phoenix,” and it is set number 22. However, this set is not initially visible in the album. Instead, you will find it in the second album once you’ve completed the first one.

In the image, you can see that all nine stickers in this set are gold, which makes completing it tougher because you can’t trade these gold stickers. Additionally, this set only contains 4-star and 5-star gold stickers, making it even harder to finish.

Upon successfully completing this set, you will be rewarded with a monetary reward based on your level and 5,000 dice.

What is the Epic Myth Album Event?

The Epic Myth Album Event is the grandest event in Monopoly GO, spanning three months. It started on September 1st, 2023, and will continue for the next 92 days. This event introduces a captivating mythological theme and brings several changes to the album system, along with new sticker packs.

Epic Myth Album Sets

There are 21 sets in the Epic Myths Album, each with 9 stickers, making it a total of 189 stickers to collect during these 3 months.

One noticeable change is the reduction in the amount of Dice rewards we receive after completing each set.

New Sticker Pack Types

The introduction of new sticker packs has left some players confused about the types and corresponding rewards. Refer to the image below for clarification on the new packs. Thanks to @itsjakesm for assisting the community with this information.

Monopoly Go new Sticker pack type

Epic Myth Album Gold Stickers List

In this album, each set contains 1 Gold Sticker, unlike the Wildlife Tales Album. You only need to collect 21 Gold Stickers compared to the previous album’s 24.

Here’s the complete Gold Sticker list:

  • Set 1: Adventures of Thor – Norse Adventure (1 Star)
  • Set 2: The Argonauts – Bronze Giant (1 Star)
  • Set 3: Bake-Danuki – Trickster! (1 Star)
  • Set 4: Romulus and Remus – The Eternal City (1 Star)
  • Set 5: Robin Hood – Wedding Bells (1 Star)
  • Set 6: Trojan Horse – Surprice! (2 Star)
  • Set 7: String of Fate – Forever Bond (2 Star)
  • Set 8: Ulysses’ Travels – Homecoming (2 Star)
  • Set 9: Pied Piper – Micest Home (2 Star)
  • Set 10: EL Dorado – Happy Trading (3 Star)
  • Set 11: The Great Race – Chinese Zodiac – (3 Star)
  • Set 12: The Lost City – Dive In! (3 Star)
  • Set 13: King Arthur – Camelot (3 Star)
  • Set 14: Paul Bunyan – Rock On! (4 Star)
  • Set 15: Nessie – Happiness (4 Star)
  • Set 16: Bermuda Triangle – Big Booty (4 Star)
  • Set 17: Lizard Man – Mount Ularu (4 Star)
  • Set 18: Midas Touch – Frustration (5 Star)
  • Set 19: Sasquatch – Good Memories (5 Star)
  • Set 20: Acalica – Discovery (5 Star)
  • Set 21: Hua Mulan – Great Honor (5 Star)

Dublicate Sticker Rewards

Duplicate sticker reward

The Pink Vault has become pricier, now costing 2500 Stars instead of 1500, but it guarantees a missing sticker pack. This change aims to assist players in completing their collections more efficiently.

Rewards for Completing Epic Myths Album

The season album rewards are the most lucrative in the game. When you complete the Epic Myths Album, you’ll receive 15,000 dice and a generous amount of in-game currency as the final reward. Additionally, you’ll obtain the coveted Hammer Token, the centerpiece of this event.

To acquire the golden version of the Hammer Token, complete the album for a second time. Each time you complete a set within the album, you’ll also receive a decent-sized reward.

Epic myths New Tokens

But that is not the only goal. Each time you complete a set within an album, you also get a decent sized reward too.

Here is the complete list of reward for every set:

Set No.Set NameRewards
1/21Adventures of Thor130 Dice & Money
2/21The Argonauts145 Dice & Money
3/21Bake-Danuki160 Dice & Money
4/21Romulus and Remus170 Dice & Money
5/21Robin Hood185 Dice & Money
6/21Trojan Horse225 Dice & Money
7/21String of Fate250 Dice & Money
8/21Ulysses’ Travels275 Dice & Money
9/21Pied Piper300 Dice & Money
10/21EL Dorado325 Dice & Money
11/21The Great Race350 Dice & Money
12/21The Lost City400 Dice & Money
13/21King Arthur400 Dice, Money
& Cyclops Token
14/21Paul Bunyan500 Dice & Money
15/21Nessie 550 Dice & Money
16/21Bermuda Triangle675 Dice & Money
17/21Lizard Man900 Dice & Money
18/21Midas Touch1K Dice & Money
19/21Sasquatch 1.1K Dice & Money
20/21Acalica 1.4K Dice & Money
21/21Hua Mulan1.8K Dice & Money
Final Reward15K Dice, Money
& Hammer Token

These collection rewards can provide a valuable boost during the season, helping you secure a strong ranking in tournaments or reach important milestones in various event activities. Plan your collection completions wisely to maximize your progress.

Can we trade Gold Stickers/Cards?

Currently, Golden Stickers are non-tradable, according to Scopely’s official note. Despite rumors, a potential event named Golden Blitz might be on the horizon, allowing the trading of 2 Golden Stickers.

However, the introduction of the Golden Blitz feature is anticipated in updates 1.11 and 1.12, meaning there’s a significant waiting period ahead.

FAQ for Epic Myths Album

  • Q: When does Epic Myths Start?

    A: Epic Myths started on September 1st, 2023.

  • Q: How long does Epic Myths last?

    A: The event is scheduled to run for about 92 days, roughly 3 months.

  • Q: How many stickers are there to collect?

    A: There are 189 stickers to collect, spread over 21 collections.

  • Q: How many Gold Stickers are there in Epic Myth?

    A: There are 20 Gold Stickers. Check out the complete list of Gold Stickers here.

  • Q: What is the reward for completing the album?

    A: Completing the album will earn you 15K dice, in-game money, and a Thor’s Hammer token.

  • Q: How do I get the Golden version of the Hammer Token?

    A: You’ll receive the Golden Hammer Token when you complete the album for the second time.

  • Q: How many times can I complete the Album?

    A: There is no limit; you can complete it as many times as you want.

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Enjoy your epic journey through the Mythic Monopoly Go!

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